Language learning optimized

Merging academic research with cutting-edge AI, Fluency optimizes your learning, ensuring maximum efficiency. Master languages faster, with everything you need all in one place.


Personalized learning, predictable success

Your time, your pace, your success. At Fluency, we understand everyone's language journey is unique. Set your daily commitment, and we'll tailor daily and weekly goals just for you, offering a realistic timeline to reach basic fluency. With our bespoke approach, hitting your language goals feels natural, effective, and entirely achievable.


Your language journey at a glance

Explore your personal language learning landscape with our intuitive dashboard. Track your daily and weekly goals, monitor the words you've mastered, and see the hours you've invested. Our smart analytics give you a real-time insight into your DELE level progress, keeping you motivated and on track for language success.


Rooted in academic research

Dive into a language learning experience that’s crafted on the pillars of academic excellence. Our app harmonizes the finest language learning research to create features that are both innovative and effective. With every interaction, be assured you're benefiting from a scientifically-validated approach to language acquisition.

Everything you need for success

Bring your language skills to life

Meet Nadia, your personal AI language partner. Dive into daily conversations, both in text and voice, to apply your new vocabulary and grammar in real-life scenarios. Nadia adapts to your learning pace, offering a supportive and interactive environment to practice and perfect your language skills. Transform learning into living language with every conversation.

Learn the vocab you need in the order you need it

At Fluency, we believe in learning smarter, not harder. Powered by AI analysis of millions of language usage hours, we curate a learning path that rapidly builds your vocabulary with the most essential words. Get ready to converse with confidence.

Turn reading into learning

Discover the joy of learning through storytelling. Each day, a new story awaits in your target language, crafted to challenge and intrigue. Translate it, understand it, and add any new words to your growing vocabulary collection. It’s not just reading—it’s a journey of incremental learning, making every word and sentence a step towards fluency.

Speak like a native

Step into the world of linguistic finesse with our native speaker-guided pronunciation feature. Listen, mimic, and record as you journey through letters, words, and sentences. Compare your recordings with the experts to fine-tune your accent. It's not just about speaking a language; it's about mastering the nuances of its sounds, rhythm, and tone.

Daily grammar personalized for you

Navigate the complexities of grammar with ease. Each day, unlock a new topic tailored to your level, complete with a concise briefing. Engage with our AI tutor, Nadia, in a virtual class setting, where she'll answer your questions and guide you through practical exercises. Simplifying grammar has never been this personalized or accessible.

Measure your mastery

Complete your grammar lessons and immediately put your knowledge to the test. Our engaging assessments offer a clear measure of your understanding, ensuring you're on track with your language goals. Each assessment is a milestone, marking your progress and fueling your journey towards fluency.

What learners are saying

“I'm blown away by how comprehensive Fluency is. From reading and speaking to writing and listening, this app covers it all. It's the only language learning tool I need. Highly recommend for anyone serious about learning a new language.”

Maya Robins
San Diego

“I've tried several language apps, but none compare to Fluency. The grammar lessons are perfectly paced, and the pronunciation practice with native speakers has significantly improved my accent. It's like having a language school in your pocket!”

Jaheim Philip
New York

“Fluency has changed the way I approach language learning. The daily custom stories are a game-changer, making reading practice both enjoyable and effective. And Nadia, the AI tutor, feels like a personal coach, always ready to help. This app is a must-have for anyone wanting to master a new language.”

Cody Fisher